WadBot Troubleshooting

Common issues

WadBot doesn't auto attack at all.

Make sure all of your LoL Settings are set correctly (Video settings are required)

  • change LoL language to English

  • reset AMD/NVIDIA settings to factory default

if all of your LoL settings are correct and you resetted AMD settings but WadBot still doesn't work. Make sure you reset ALL AMD settings to factory defaults, not just color settings!

My monitor is not 1920 x 1080

  • change resolution to 1920 x 1080 in Windows Display settings

  • create a custom resolution in NVIDIA control panel or AMD (use google)

  • if you have intel you can try custom resolution utility

Auto QSS Doesn't work

  • make sure Auto QSS/Cleanse is Enabled

  • put QSS in itemslot 1

  • change hud-scale to 0

  • change LoL language to English

  • Reset AMD/NVIDIA settings to factory default

WadBot Only Attack Sometimes / My Mouse gets stuck

delete config.wad and restart wadbot

WadBot closes itself after 5 seconds

  • don't rename the WadBot file after downloading

  • your license has expired

  • your antivirus closes/deletes WadBot

  • your PC Hardware has changed or windows update

You can change your HWID once per week by clicking "Reset HWID" on the top of this page. Only do this if you know what you are doing.

Pressing F10 does nothing

  • WadBot isn't running (read above)

  • you pressed F10 outside the game

  • you haven't set the correct settings (click LoL settings on the left)

  • You have another application using the F10 key. For example a razer macro