WadBot Troubleshooting
Common issues with WadBot.

WadBot doesn't auto attack at all.

Some times, WadBot won't apply LoL settings automatically. To fix the issue:
    Exit Practice tool.
    Restart WadBot.
    Go back into practice tool.
try with and without legacy scanner (in f10 menu)
Settings should now be applied. Make sure all the text is green.
Additional possible solutions for this issue:
    Enable Legacy Scanner in the F10 menu.
    change LoL language to English.
    reset AMD/NVIDIA settings to factory defaults.
    check if wadbot is closed or if there's a completely black screen. If so, read below.

The WadBot terminal is completely black

Common drivers/dll's/software that interferes with WadBot.

Uninstall these if you have them installed on your PC:

    Apple software (Itunes, Bonjour Service etc..)
    Razer Cortex / Razer Kraken and ManOWar drivers
    Nahimic Audio Driver
    BitDefender / BullGuard / Norton Antivirus / Windows Defender / ESET
    PlaysTV / Raptr
    Sonic Radar / Studio 2 (Common on ASUS computers)
    Steel Series headset drivers (SSAudioOSD.dll, SSAudioDevProps.dll)
    MSI Afterburner / RivaTuner / FPS Counter/Overlay/Overclocking Apps

If you have none of these apps installed, open a ticket in our discord.

    Our team will send you a troubleshooting application that will help you identify the issue.

Why doesn't WadBot work with these applications installed?

    The reason why WadBot doesn't load is because these apps try to hook/inject into WadBot and we can't allow that for security reasons. These are the repercussions of reverse engineering. Speaking of cracked WadBot, cracked 5.0 and below are now blacklisted by riot. Don't come to my chat and complain about getting banned after using cracked 5.0

My monitor is not 1920 x 1080

    change resolution to 1920 x 1080 in Windows Display settings.
    create a custom resolution in NVIDIA control panel or AMD (use google).
    if you have intel you can try custom resolution utility.

Auto QSS Doesn't work

    make sure Auto QSS/Cleanse is Enabled .
    put QSS in itemslot 1.
    change hud-scale to 0.
    change LoL language to English.
    Reset AMD/NVIDIA settings to factory default.

WadBot closes itself after 5 seconds

    don't rename the WadBot file after downloading.
    your license has expired.
    your antivirus closes/deletes WadBot.
    your PC Hardware has changed
    Your WadBot HWID has changed due to Windows Update etc..
You can change your HWID once a week by clicking "Reset HWID" on top of this page. Only do this if you know what you are doing. Don't use a random HWID checker. WadBot HWID is only seen inside The WadBot terminal window before closing.
    To find your HWID, simply open WadBot and copy the HWID before it closes.

Pressing F10 does nothing

    WadBot isn't running (read above).
    you pressed F10 outside the game.
    You have another application using the F10 key. For example a razer macro.
    You have FN lock enabled (press FN+10).
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