WadBot Troubleshooting

Common issues with WadBot.

The WadBot terminal closes or is completely black

Did WadBot create an error.txt file?

  1. 1.
    Join the WadBot Hub -> General Chat -> Right click ClumsyLulz and PM
  2. 2.
    send the contents of "error.txt"
  3. 3.
    wait for a response to find out what program is interfering, or figure out on your own by following the interference spreadsheet​

No error.txt file being created?

  • ​check if your license has expired
  • Install Immunenet (Free)
  • Did you rename the WadBot exe correctly?
  • someone else could be using your license
If the issue still persists, you can try the following:
  • download an older version (try 7.3 instead of 7.4)
  • reset "internet options" (use windows search)
  1. 1.
    Download the official microsoft cmd.exe file​
  2. 2.
    Move the file to C:/Windows/System32
  3. 3.
    Try running WadBot again.

WadBot doesn't auto attack at all

Some times, WaqdBot won't apply LoL settings automatically. To fix the issue:
  1. 1.
    Exit Practice tool.
  2. 2.
    Restart WadBot.
  3. 3.
    Go back into practice tool.
  4. 4.
    Make sure minimap is on the right side
Settings should now be applied. Make sure all the text is green.
Additional possible solutions for this issue:
  • Enable Legacy Scanner in the F10 menu.
  • change LoL language to English.
  • reset AMD/NVIDIA settings to factory defaults. Remove image sharpening.
  • check if wadbot is closed or if there's a completely black screen. If so, read below.

WadBot Crashes as soon as i go in-game

This typically happens when multiple overlays try to run simultaneously
Disable WadBot Overlay, OR:
  • Exit Porofessor, Overwolf, Disable Discord overlay
  • Close any other 3rd party app that has a DirectX powered overlay

I'm having FPS issues / Lag

I only lag when The WadBot overlay is ENABLED:

  • Disable Discord overlay.
  • uninstall / disable Porofessor/Overwolf overlays (Use Blitz.gg or OP.GG app instead)
  • tick the "DX9" checkbox in overlay settings, then restart LoL and WadBot.

I have FPS drops even with overlay DISABLED:

  • Limit the amount of features you have enabled at once, try orbwalker only.
  • INCREASE the "WadBot Speed" slider to 20.
  • UNCHECK "use legacy scanner". When unchecked, you will use the latest optimized pixelscanner which is 800% times faster, and uses 400% less resources. Legacy scanner is ONLY for people withh the "unsupported GPU" warning in terminal.
  • download process hacker or anvir task manager, set process priority to below normal and/or allocate less CPU cores to the wadbot process.
My PC is Good/High-End
My PC is Mid-Tier/Low-End

You might be infected with malware or have apps consuming high amounts of resources

  1. 1.
    Download and run a scan using Dr.Web Cureit​
  2. 2.
    Download Anvir and look for hidden processes and sus startup entries.
  3. 3.
    Download Immunenet (Free)

You may have an app interfering with WadBot

  1. 1.
    Hold down the widows key and press R (Win+R)
  2. 2.
    enter "msconfig" into the field and press enter
  3. 3.
    go to services -> Check "Hide all Microsoft" -> "Disable all" -> Restart PC
You may then re-enable services in bulk to figure out what was causing the issue

If you have less than 60 FPS without WadBot

Unfortunately, there's probably not much you can do.
Since WadBot scans 3 million pixels several times a second it's going to use resources by default.
Your best bet would be to get a decent desktop PC.
However, you may try to lower LoL graphics to lowest possible settings and disable as many startup/background programs as possible.

Problematic software

Common drivers/dll's/software that interferes with WadBot

First of all, create a new folder with only WadBot inside and try again.

Uninstall these if you have them installed on your PC:

  • Apple software (Bonjour Service etc..)
  • ASUS software; framework, motherboard, AURA blah blah. mostly useless
  • Razer Cortex / Razer Kraken and ManOWar drivers
  • Nahimic Audio Driver
  • BitDefender / BullGuard / Norton Antivirus / Windows Defender / ESET / AVG
  • PlaysTV / Raptr
  • Sonic Radar / Studio 2 (Common on ASUS computers)
  • Steel Series headset drivers (SSAudioOSD.dll, SSAudioDevProps.dll)
  • Alienware\AWSoundCenter\UserInterface\x64\AWSoundCenterDevProps.dll
  • MSI Afterburner / RivaTuner / FPS Counter/Overlay/Overclocking Apps

If you have none of these installed, try a clean boot​

Why doesn't WadBot work with these applications installed?

WadBot will "self destruct" when a program tries to inject a DLL because this is a common method used by reverse engineers. We have to block all attempts, even from legitimate software.
If windows defender is closing WadBot, try Immunenet

Auto QSS Doesn't work

  • make sure the feature is enabled in F10
  • move QSS to itemslot #1
  • change hud-scale to 0
  • change LoL language to English
  • Reset AMD/NVIDIA settings to factory defaults

Pressing F10 does nothing

  • WadBot isn't running (read)
  • Make sure the minimap is on the RIGHT, not left side
  • You pressed F10 outside the game
  • You have another application using the F10 key. For example a razer macro
  • You have FN lock enabled (press FN+10).
  • LoL is fullscreen and not borderless

Ability casting is not working

  • Enable quickcast on QWER
  • Make sure there's an enemy in range of your ability
  • Cast Ability on enemy is not automatic, it's semi automatic. you have to press QWER