• Download <- and move to empty folder
  • Rename bin to <YOUR_LICENSE>.exe

✔️ 46mRdWWxWe0W1SuwquiZRecl03DC07.exe (30 characters)
c9j8c8-ef29436c9-5falfd.exe (order-id)

Log in

Make sure you are not in-game

Open WadBot

Might look different in the future

WadBot should print Ready

Ignore the input.ini error

If WadBot asks for LoL Config

(usually ?:/Riot Games/League of Legends/Config)
  • path is saved to ConfigPath.txt
don't want WadBot to change LoL settings?
  • create an empty file called ConfigPath.txt

WadBot Config

  • WadBot already supports all champions
  • F10 Settings are personal
Last modified 4mo ago