Set up WadBot correctly so you are prepared before entering a ranked game.

1. Create a new folder anywhere

2. Download WadBot

3. Move the .exe into the folder you just created.

If you are paranoid you can use a USB stick and run the .exe from there.
  • after running the .exe you can unmount/unplug the USB
  • keep in mind you won't be able to save your config after you unplug so do that first.
if you don't have a USB It should be possible to use a software called RAMDISK​
WadBot has been undetected since 2019 and we have our ways to avoid detection so this is only for the super paranoid.

Open LoL Client

Make sure you are not in-game.

Open WadBot

Everything should be green (no red error messages)

if WadBot asks for a LoL Config directory, select your active LoL Directory config folder.

Example ?:/Riot Games/League of Legends/Config/

This file path will be saved inside ConfigPath.txt
If you, for whatever reason don't want WadBot to apply settings automatically, you can create an empty file called ConfigPath.txt

How to load a WadBot Config

move the config.txt file to the same directory/folder as the WadBot executable.
  • The config will automatically load/apply on WadBot launch.
  • It can also be loaded manually from within the F10 menu (config -> load).

Where is my WadBot directory?

  • if you downloaded WadBot and it's in your Download folder that means your WadBot directory is your download folder/directory because that's where the .exe is located.
  • You can make a folder with the .exe and config file to make things easier.