Set up WadBot correctly so you are prepared before entering a ranked game.

1. Create a new empty folder (C:/Notepad for example)

2. Download (link) WadBot and move the bin file to the new folder you just created

3. Rename the bin file to <YOUR_LICENSE>.exe

E-Mail from Sellix -> "Retrieve product"
​✔️ 46mRdWWxWe0W1SuwquiZRecl03DC07.exe (30 characters long)
​❌ c9j8c8-ef29436c9-5falfd.exe (this is an order id, not a license)
​❌ yourlicense.exe (this is illegal)
​❌ bin (you didn't rename the file)


you can run WadBot from a flashdrive, although the benefits (if any) are pure speculation. Doing so will make the process file/path origin unaccessable.
  • after running the .exe you can unmount/unplug the drive
  • keep in mind you won't be able to save your config after you unplug, so do that first.
​RAMDISK is also an option.

Open LoL Client

Make sure you are not in-game.

Open WadBot (this might look different in the future)

Everything should be green (no red error messages)

  • red input.ini error is fine (ignore it)
  • wait 5+ seconds to make sure WadBot doesn't close
if WadBot prints "ready" to the console and remains open, you are good to go!

if WadBot asks for a LoL Config directory

select your active LoL config folder
(most commonly ?:/Riot Games/League of Legends/Config)
  • The file path will be saved inside ConfigPath.txt (case sensitive)
  • if you don't want WadBot to apply settings automatically, you can create an empty file called configpath.txt (all lowercase)

​How to edit a WadBot Config?​

WadBot will load configs from the same directory as the executable
​✔️ 46mRdWWxWe (config file is the first 10 characters of your license)
  • if you already have a config file you can open it in notepad and edit the contents.
​❌ 46mRdWWxWe.txt
​❌ config
  • The config will automatically load/apply after WadBot starts.
  • It can also be loaded manually from the F10 menu (config -> load).