Get Started
Follow these instructions to get started with WadBot.

This is a 1-time procedure. Once WadBot is set up, there's no need for this page.

Please read everything carefully
To use WadBot, you need to set your resolution to 1080p
You also need to set your LoL in-game language to English.
  • If your resolution is higher than 1920 x 1080, simply change this in display settings.
  • if your resolution is lower you can add a custom res in AMD/NVIDIA control panel.

Before continuing to the next page, make sure you have DirectX installed.

Click Here to download it.
Then install C++ Redistributable from Here​
Now finally, hold down your windows button and press R (Win+R) and input "control" -> OK
-> "uninstall a program" -> search for "Bonjour". Uninstall it
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